Our dress code is designed to encourage unity and a sense of grooming among our students.  Please come properly attired.  Female students are required to have hair securely tied back from the face.  Ballet students with long hair must have it up in a bun.  If you are unsure of the proper way to put up your hair, please ask for direction from the studio office.  Hair too short for a bun must be pulled back neatly from face and off neck, secured with rubber bands, hair bands, or barrettes.

No jewelry is allowed in class other than rings, pierced earrings, or religious medallions. 

Please label dance supplies with your name and do not leave valuables in the dressing rooms.  We cannot be responsible for personal items left unattended.  Ladies, please feel free to bring your purses to class with you.

If students dress at home, a cover-up must be worn outside the studio.  Dance shoes should not be worn outside, and non-rubber soled street shoes are not allowed on studio A, B, and D dance floors.  For your convenience, economy tights, leotards, and transition tights will be available for purchase in the office throughout the year.

Ballet: (Children's Division and Elementary level classes)
Girls:  Black leotard (short sleeve in cotton or nylon - Eurotard 1043 or Body Wrapper 108 OR long sleeve  in cotton or nylon - Eurotard 10408)
            Ballet pink tights (Capezio 14c-child, 514-adult, 1816c-child transition, or 1816-adult transition
            Pink ballet shoes (canvas or leather with knots tucked in)
Boys:  T-shirt
            Black seamed tights (shorts may be worn over tights)
            Black ballet shoes (knots tucked in)
Ballet - All other levels, including adults:
Ladies:  Black or colored leotard, ballet skirts are allowed
                Ballet pink tights
                Pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes
                (t-shirts, leg warmers, "trash bag" style apparel, or sweat pants are not allowed)
Men: Leotard or T-shirt
          Men's tights and dance belt
          Socks (optional) and ballet shoes

Modern:  Footless or transition tights, leotards, and sandlesoles if desired

Tap:    Black tie tap shoes for all elementary levels.  Black jazz tap shoes for all other levels, including adults

Jazz:  Ballet attire and shoes for all elementary levels.  Black jazz shoes for all intermediate levels. Tan jazz shoes for advanced levels. Tan character shoes for Broadway Jazz.

Jazz and Tap:  Students may wear additional dance wear with the instructor's permission

Conditioning:  Dance wear or loose exercise clothing

Liturgical and Lyrical/Contemporary:  Ballet attire

Hip Hop:  Dance wear or loose exercise clothes with dance or athletic shoes

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