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Student & Adult Division

Student Division

Please contact the studio for class placement for all classes. Many classes and styles of dance are offered for the intermediate and advanced levels, such as Ballet, Pointe, Pas de Deux, boys' and men's classes, liturgical, lyrical/contemporary, modern, tap, jazz, Broadway jazz, hip-hop, and conditioning.  We offer over 125 classes in our spacious 4 studio facility! 

Elementary Ballet - A strong foundation is established for a worthwhile study of classical ballet starting in first grade. Careful attention is paid to correct body placement and flexibility of movement in the student’s exploration of dance. This level usually takes 4 years to complete. An accelerated program is offered for older students. Concepts and terminology are given special observance.

Intermediate Ballet - Our syllabus is truly American in its eclectic nature, taking the best of Russian, Italian, French, Danish, and English systems. Students are encouraged to attend 2 or more classes per week. Girls may be allowed to begin pointe work after completing a minimum of one year of pre-pointe. The intermediate level takes 4 years to complete. Dancers age 11 years and older may audition for Ballet Midwest’s Junior Company.

Advanced Ballet - This level is attained by a serious student who has achieved a strong technique. Students are encouraged to attend 3 or more classes per week. Stamina and a high level of discipline are required. Dancers are encouraged to perform with Ballet Midwest to receive valuable performing experience necessary for a professional career in dance.

Pointe - Girls 10 years and older at the Intermediate level may be considered for pointe work. We consider each girl individually for her strength, physical development, and alignment before allowing her to dance “on her toes.” Safety is of utmost importance to us. Students must attend at least 2 classes per week.

Pas de Deux - A partnering class where students learn balancing and timing for supported turns and lifts is offered for Ballet Midwest dancers. Enrollment is by Lacee’s consent. Beginning and advanced classes are offered. Female dancers must be enrolled in a minimum of three ballet classes per week.

Tap - Concentration is on developing the student’s “sense of rhythm.” The technique emphasizes leg, ankle, and foot coordination resulting in improved agility.

Lyrical/ Contemporary - The use of music to inspire the dancer through movement in a combination of Jazz, Modern, & Ballet techniques. The dancer uses gesture, expression, strong lines, & extreme body control. Students must be 8 years or older and currently enrolled in a Ballet or Jazz technique class.

Broadway Jazz– Broadway classics combined with a contemporary flair. Tan character shoes are required. Students must be 8 years or older.

Jazz – A high energy dance class that develops dance style and core strength through intricate arm and leg movements. This class focuses on leaps and turns and will prepare dancers for school dance teams.

Hip Hop – Like the music it accompanies, this style of dance constantly evolves and welcomes innovation across cultural boundaries. From the streets of the Bronx to exclusive dance conservatories, hip hop dance represents a cultural movement.

Modern - The “Graham Technique” is emphasized with other styles explored. The 6 qualities of movement are developed. Students must be 8 years or older.

Liturgical - “Praise and Worship” dance. Our group is titled “For God’s Glory Dancers.” Students have opportunities to perform in local churches. A ballet foundation is recommended and dancers must be at least 6 years of age or older. Christmas and Easter performances are held at Topeka Performing Arts Center.

Conditioning - A unique system of exercising incorporating the “Pilates Method” of physical conditioning as well as toning and strengthening exercises. Core and back muscles are toned while increasing flexibility.

Adult Division

Depending on interest, we offer beginning and intermediate classes in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and conditioning for high school students and adults.  

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